AVA Cinema Remote

AVA Cinema Remote Launch Special! (Promotion has expired)

AVA Cinema Remote is a premium, handheld remote control that combines a vibrant, edge-to-edge touchscreen with a groundbreaking button interface called Dynamic Keypad. The Dynamic Keypad’s surface has a three dimensional glass ring that guides the user’s thumb to sense exactly where it is on the keypad, enabling TV navigation without looking down. The Dynamic Keypad eliminates the need for the vast array of buttons found on most remote controls. Instead, Dynamic Keypad gives the user a simple DPAD-like interface that changes its button labels, colors, and capabilities according to the media source currently in use. The user always has the buttons they need, without the confusion of irrelevant buttons, such as an Eject or DVR button when watching Netflix.

AVA Cinema Remote runs AVA OS with no need for any additional automation processor hardware. AVA OS makes it easy to use modern AV systems by coordinating their various components into a single whole that feels natural to use. Unlike the major smart home platforms in the Custom Install industry, AVA OS runs on the AVA Cinema Remote with no additional hardware, so a single device can orchestrate control of a whole theater system.

AVA Cinema Remote is a Google-certified Android device, and can run apps from the Google Play Store, such as Sonos, Crestron Home, Spotify, Pandora, Kalleidescape, and thousands of others.

Order your AVA Cinema Remote now to save big, and as a bonus we are also featuring the previous generation AVA Home Remote at a discount while supplies last!

Promotion period: from 01/01/2024 to 02/15/2024

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