Connect Nest With Your Smart Appliances

Works with Nest

Nest works with just about everything. And we’re now working with home products you probably never realized you could stay connected to.

Like your dishwasher. Or oven. Or hot water heater.

Which is great news because they use the most energy in your home and can cause the most damage if left unattended.

Nest Appliance Grid

Check out some of the new products that have joined Works with Nest and are helping to build safer, more thoughtful homes.

Nest can automatically tell your dishwasher to start when you’ve left, while your washer keeps your clothes fresh until you return. When you’re home, your washer, dryer and dishwasher can all run in Quiet Mode so you’re not bothered by noise. And all appliances including your refrigerator, can shift energy use to less expensive times.


If you forget your oven or stove is on and Nest senses you’re not home, you can get a notification with an option to turn them off.


When you’re away, your Econet-compatible electric and gas water heaters can turn themselves down. When Nest notices you’re home, they can turn themselves back up. And if Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide, your heater can shut itself off.


During an energy rush hour, your Nest Thermostat can tell non-essential pool appliances like your pump, cleaner and heater to turn off, while essential activities such as chemical balancing and filtering stay on. And it can tell your pool cleaner to turn off when you get home.


If Nest notices you’re gone, it can tell your Powerbot vacuum to turn on so it starts cleaning while you’re out. When you come home, it can go back to its charging station.

Home Connect

If Nest notices you’ve left your house and your oven is still on, Home Connect can send you a notification with an option to turn it off. And when you’ve been away for a longer period of time, your refrigerator can ask you if you want it to go into eco mode. Also, if Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide, Home Connect can warn you and shut off your enabled home appliances to prevent them from being damaged.