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With the Eve Aqua smart water controller, activate your irrigation system via your iPhone, Siri, or the onboard button, and let it shut off automatically. You can also set up schedules quickly and easily in the Eve app, and let Eve Aqua take care of watering your garden and patio plants – completely automatically without requiring an internet connection, a bridge, or a gateway.
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Compatible with select Apple® iOS and Google-based Android cell phones and tablets; season and weather intelligence; automatic scheduling; EPA WaterSense; Amazon Echo.

Lawn Zones:

16-Zone 8-Zone
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For outdoor use; waterproof; IP54; hardwire or outdoor outlet options.
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EASY IRRIGATION Monitor and manage your sprinkler system from anywhere with this Rachio R3e smart sprinkler controller. Weather Intelligence technology automatically skips watering during rain and other wet weather and creates a smart schedule based on your individual mix of soil, plant types and sun exposure. This Rachio R3e smart sprinkler controller is compatible with Alexa, Google Home and other voice assistant programs for hands-free control.
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Josh AI
 Jul 16, 2022
At this point, you may have interacted with a voice assistant or two. They are on your phone, inside smart speakers, and even available in some...