The Orro Smart Living System

Orro now integrates with Control4!

One System.

Perfect Lighting. Smart Home Control. Intercom.

An easy-to-install lighting system that unifies your smart home and creates perfect lighting, automatically.


Perfect lighting. Automatically.

By learning your preferences and sensing your presence, Orro dims the lights just right.


Total lighting control.

Voice control, smart bulbs, scenes and more. No compromises, Orro does it all.


"Alexa, turn off the Kitchen lights."

Orro has built-in Alexa so you can control Alexa from every room, with no extra hardware or cumbersome wires.


Good for you and the planet too.

Orro brings natural lighting rhythms back into your home. You'll sleep better and feel more energized. All while conserving up to 60% of the lighting energy you'd normally use.


Automatic Dimming

Remembers every manual lighting change to learn your preferences and then automatically dims for perfect lighting.

Auto On & Off

Your lights simply respond to your presence as you move between rooms. Orro turns the lights on when you enter and off shortly after you leave.

Senses Sound

Presence is more than just motion. Orro senses the sounds in a space to keep the lights on.

Detects Motion

A motion sensor allows Orro to detect new movement in a space and know when someone is there.


Control all your lights from a single switch. Create your own custom scenes for the perfect mood.

Natural Lighting

By sensing the ambient light, Orro restores natural lighting ryhthms to your home to help you feel better.


How it Works

Orro needs a neutral wire to work.

The Orro One plugs directly into the wall using the same wires that are connected to your existing switch or dimmer. It requires a neutral wire.

Most homes built or remodeled after 1980 will have a neutral wire in the junction box. If you're not sure, we created a guide to help you check to see if you have a neutral wire.

Works with your existing light bulbs.

The Orro One dims LED, incandescent, halogen and other traditional bulbs. It also works with smart fixtures like Phillips Hue™.

It requires 120V electrical system and can control a up to 500W incandescent loads or an LED equivalent.

To see the full specs and details for ELV and MLV loads, checkout the spec sheet

Where can Orro be installed?

The Orro One is a 1:1 replacement for a single existing switch and works in most wire configurations you’ll have in your home.

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