McIntosh is Made of Sound

As we approach our 75th anniversary, we are taking a moment to reflect on our enduring mission and the essence that sets us apart. Since our inception in 1949 by the visionary Frank McIntosh, our unwavering dedication to sound reproduction has remained steadfast.

Throughout the years, our company has grown and evolved, propelled by an insatiable passion for sound. Guided by the pursuit of sonic excellence, we constantly challenge ourselves to elevate the art of sound reproduction.

For the past decade, "Legendary Performance" encapsulated our history of delivering exceptional audio experiences. As we look to the future, it is time to embrace a new vision and encompass the very essence of what makes McIntosh unique.

Sound is not just a product of what we create; it is the core of our being. Our dedication to its engineering goes beyond performance. It flows through every element of our company and drives our unwavering commitment to sound excellence. Embedded in every aspect of our craftmanship, it is the heartbeat that resonates within our products, connecting music lovers to the soul-stirring power of sound.

Uncompromising in our pursuit, we keep ensuring that every McIntosh creation surpasses our customers’ expectations. Today, at the edge of our 75-year legacy, we remain guided by these principles that have shaped our identity.

Our devotion to sound has become the very fabric of who we are as a company.

Join us as we continue this remarkable journey, united by our shared love for sound. Your unwavering support and discerning ears have fueled our dedication, and for that, we are forever grateful.

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