SpeakerCraft's commitment to customers has been turning houses into homes for nearly four decades.

We didn’t just help to establish the custom installation industry—we continued to define it, delivering a steady stream of in-wall and in-ceiling hi-fidelity audio sensations that make every listening moment more meaningful.

Why our devotion to great sound? If you’re like us, audio is integrated into your every day—from music, movies and TV soundtracks to news, weather, traffic, even talk-radio. You also believe that great audio quality improves each listening experience. But just how, where, and how loud you like your life’s soundtrack is up to individual preference. Meeting your diverse needs is why SpeakerCraft produces a broad range of speakers and innovative sound solutions. By bringing stunning sound and design to every room of your home, SpeakerCraft reignites your passion for music and sound—enhancing your enjoyment of every day.

Below are some SpeakerCraft highlights and milestones. If you ask the product team here, they'd say we are just getting started.

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