About ecobee

Ecobee is about improving everyday life, while creating a more sustainable world.

Our story starts with a man who wondered about a better way. In 2007, Stuart Lombard made a personal goal to reduce his environmental footprint. After discovering that heating and cooling make up 40% to 60% of home energy use, he attempted to program his own thermostat to conserve energy while away on vacation. When he and his family returned home to Toronto to a shockingly cold house, he began to envision a better efficiency solution that could conserve energy without compromising comfort.

Assembling a small team of likeminded experts, the new Canadian company of ecobee was formed. Together, the ecobee team was able to launch the first ever smart thermostat. Since then, ecobee customers across North America have saved more than 25 TWh of energy, which is the annual equivalent of saving enough energy to take all the homes in Los Angeles off the grid for a year. And that impact continues to grow every day.


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