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Modulus Media Systems M1 Closeout! (Promotion has expired)

What is Modulus? The First All-in-One System

Modulus combines a premium DVR, Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player, feature-rich movie server, streaming video and music player & recorder, and personal media organizer into one. No switching inputs! Upload your music, movies, and family media to enjoy ALL your content in our elegant, proprietary user interface with up to an enormous 20TB of storage. Get rid of your cable DVR and those expensive rental fees!

Built for the Streaming Age

Modulus streams all major streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Spotify, and more, plus it remembers your login info for each service. Modulus is the ONLY technology that allows you to record all your streaming content — no more disappearing episodes!

The Finest DVR in Home Theater

Modulus makes watching TV fun again! Automated Commercial Skip means you’re free from those annoying ads. Save Time Mode allows you to watch shows faster with pitch corrected audio. Collections allow you to neatly organize all your shows and episodes with full meta data.

Family Media Hub

Bring your memories to life with Modulus! Store and enjoy all your home movies, family videos and photos right here. Modulus offers unlimited storage capacity with up to 20TB internal memory plus 4 USB 3.0 ports for external add-on USB drives.

Digital Music System

Audiophiles LOVE Modulus’ commitment to superb sound quality with digital multi-channel audio. Upload your entire collection of CDs to Modulus, and all the music and playlists from your smartphone. Then add speakers and your TV becomes your home stereo system.

The Ultimate Remote

No more scrambling to find the right remote — our user-friendly unit is all you need. It starts with Voice Control that makes search fast and easy. It also has an Air Mouse that allows you to point and click on your content. Ignore those annoying on-screen search grids and use our back side QWERTY keyboard instead. It also has RF signals so no need for line of sight. Finally, you can also download the mobile app and control Modulus from your smartphone or tablet.

Expand, Expand, Expand

Use our Modulus Mx1 Mini unit to enjoy your content in any room in the house — even in a garage or pool house. The Mini comes with an Ultimate Remote and has all the same viewing features as the Modulus M1.

Promotion period: from 10/25/2022 to 11/30/2022

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