Introducing Ryse Smart Shades

Make your dumb shades smart!

Imagine never having to climb up stairs to manually open or close your blinds, and simply commanding them with your voice instead. Picture being able to leave your home, safe in the knowledge that your blinds will open and close on their own, keeping temperature inside just right.

Ryse makes all of that possible - and more.

Unlike most automations out there, RYSE lets you keep the shades you already have in your home, no matter how big or heavy.  RYSE can lift them all, or your money back.

When you add the scheduling capabilities of SmartBridge, there is simply no other system that matches RYSE when it comes to flexibility and value for money.

RYSE SmartShades with SmartBridge are compatible with Control4 using the Control4 RYSE driver.

Enhancing Everyday Living:

RYSE SmartShade takes accessibility to a new level, allowing users to effortlessly control their window shades with just a touch of a button – no more pulling on heavy chains or having to climb over furniture to access the chains – particularly if an individual has physical immobilities. 

Whether it’s adjusting the shades to control the amount of natural light or managing privacy and security, RYSE SmartShade offers a seamless and accessible solution for every home. The long-lasting BatteryPack also allows for a wire-free environment – no more tripping over wires!

Promoting Independence:

For individuals with mobility challenges, RYSE SmartShade empowers them to take control of their environment. Through the free RYSE mobile app or the on-device buttons, users can easily operate the opening and closing of their window shades at their convenience, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or reaching out for assistance. This newfound independence not only enhances daily living but also promotes a sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Simplifying Installation and Compatibility:

RYSE SmartShade’s installation process is a breeze, ensuring that anyone can enjoy its benefits. With our simple DIY kit, turning a regular window shade into a motorized smart blind takes less than 10 minutes. RYSE SmartShade’s versatility extends to its compatibility, as it can effortlessly motorize any window shade controlled by a looped, beaded chain, regardless of size or brand.

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