Meet The New Touchscreen

Experience One-Touch and Voice Control from a Beautiful, Intuitive Interface.

You may be familiar with, the voice assistant designed for smart homes. This revolutionary technology transforms how you interact with your smart home, asking it to complete tasks much as you would a friend. The difference is that Josh is never too busy to lend a helping hand.

Recently, the ever-evolving brand came out with the Touchscreen, a beautiful addition to its growing interfaces. Let’s discover what this state-of-the-art technology offers homeowners and the benefits it brings to smart home living in Spokane, WA.

Whole-Home Control

What started as the most advanced voice assistant is developing into a whole-home automation platform. At their recent Winter Launch event, Alex Capecelatro, Founder and CEO, stated their intentions well: “Our mission at Josh is to try to make the home really simple, really safe and private, and really delightful to go about your day. Whether you’re controlling your music and lighting, your shades, your video content, or anything else you want, we want to use AI, machine learning, and really great technology to transform the way that you live in your space.”

The Josh Touchscreen helps them fulfill this mission.

The tablet offers room-level control, which means quick access to all the connected devices in that space. It also provides a custom dashboard and easy access to scenes, which trigger multiple devices simultaneously. 

For instance, an “I’m Home” scene may turn on the landscape and interior lights, open the window coverings, ignite the fireplace, and turn on relaxing music. If you have a meeting, you can press or say “Meeting,” and the office lights turn on, the music pauses, and your smart home announces to the family that a meeting is about to start.

Fitting Right In

The elegant and intuitive 8-inch touchscreen offers a sleek, user-friendly interface that aligns with a home’s design. It’s available in ceramic white and polished black finishes with an edge-to-edge display. 

While a beautiful addition to your home, it’s a touchscreen whose main purpose is simple control. For instance, in the living room, it can grant you easy access to managing your lights and music and igniting your fireplace.

A noise-reducing microphone is built right into the touchscreen, enabling you to issue voice commands after pressing a tap-to-talk voice button. As with all things, it understands complex commands and is room-aware. In fact, their recent rollout of new AI-generated voices makes talking to Josh even more natural.

Just Ask

The touchscreen also gives you access to JoshGPT, offering advanced AI technologies and intelligent assistance. Whether you want to learn about your favorite musician, discover new recipes, or explore some exciting new destination hotspots, just ask.

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