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Cinema-Quality Home Theater Without Getting Tangled in Wires

Movie lovers may feel like they need to choose between form and function when putting together their home theater speaker system, opting for either a clean, compact setup or robust, high-performance component speakers.

However, this is not an either/or scenario — you can create a cinema-quality home theater speaker system without cluttering your viewing space with a web of wires. You just need the best wireless home theater system to strike the right balance.

Create the perfect wireless setup up front

To put together a wireless speaker system that faithfully recreates the movie theater experience, you will need at least six channels: center, front left, front right, subwoofer, rear left and rear right.

A high-quality wireless soundbar can satisfy your center, front left and front right channel requirements in a single, elegant speaker. There are a lot of soundbars on the market today, but be wary of lower-tier budget models. Given the soundbar's crucial role in your wireless speaker setup, it's critical to pick one that provides truly cinematic audio capabilities.

The HEOS Bar includes advanced signal processing and amplification as well as nine performance drivers to reproduce thrilling sound effects mixed for the most bombastic Hollywood movies. It also comes equipped with a dedicated channel to produce dialogue with absolute clarity, so you aren't constantly adjusting the volume to catch every word.

The HEOS Bar is ultra-sleek, with a modern, elegant design, making it the perfect addition to any viewing space.

Completing your surround sound environment

An excellent soundbar will offer great audio fidelity by itself, but if you want true surround sound, you need to add a couple more speakers into the mix. Rear left and rear right speakers round out the soundscape by completely immersing a viewer in the movie audio. To really hear the difference that just two extra rear speakers make, watch action-packed fare like "Die Hard" or "Lethal Weapon." Whether you're watching a white-knuckled car chase or a thrilling shootout, the combination of a quality soundbar and rear speakers puts you right in the middle of the action.

Of course, you absolutely must have a subwoofer to add those deep bass rumbles that provide a more visceral experience.

To complete your wireless home theater speaker system, run each unit through a wireless AV receiver. Using the HEOS mobile app, you can control your entire surround sound system from the palm of your hand.

Make your cinema-quality wireless home theater system a reality. HEOS has the very best wireless equipment available to create the perfect viewing space that is free of the clutter that comes with component setups. Find the right combination for your home theater.