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This driver set enables you to control a Leviton/HAI Omni-Bus lighting setup directly from Control4 (via IP).  Using the Leviton/HAI Omni-Bus Interface Translator Rev. 2 (117A00-1), which is required, this driver set allows a functional transition to Control4 while safeguarding the investment in Omni-Bus devices, especially dimmers and switches.

Many Omni-Bus installations have been controlled via a Leviton/HAI Omni security panel and our Leviton/HAI IP driver facilitates the connection of such a setup to Control4 for full control.  If the Leviton/HAI Omni is to be removed or replaced, or if the Omni-Bus setup was stand-alone, there is a need to connect it directly to the Control4 system.  This is where this driver set comes into play. 

This driver set is made up of three specific drivers: an Interface driver which communicates with the Omni-Bus Interface Translator Rev. 2 (117A00-1), a Lighting driver which controls one Omni-Bus output device (Dimmer, Switch, Relay) and a Keypad driver which receives key presses from one Omni-Bus input device (Wall Switch, Remote Control).  You would typically install one Interface driver per Omni-Bus Interface Translator (a one-to-one relationship), one Lighting driver for each Omni-Bus output device and one Keypad driver for each Omni-Bus input device (regardless of the number of buttons on the specific input device).  You may install more than one Interface driver in a project if your setup includes more than one Omni-Bus Interface Translator.  As you install individual Lighting and Keypad drivers, you will be able to select which Interface driver they should be associated with. 

Omni-Bus Input devices will set variables and trigger events in Control4 whenever a button is pressed on an Omni-Bus Wall Switch or Remote Control.  With this driver set, it is entirely possible to mix-and-match Omni-Bus devices and Control4 devices in your scenarios.  As existing Omni-Bus setups may have complex internal links, it is recommended to sever as many of these as possible and to use Control4 facilities instead.  Use of the Leviton Omni-Bus Installation Software is required.

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Installation Guide (Leviton-HAI_Omni-Bus_Driver_Documentation.pdf, 504 Kb) [Download]

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