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Chowmain has integrated the range of TP-Link Wifi based Smart Home products into Control4 with two way control and feedback. This provides easy to retrofit solutions for outlet control, inwall switch control and also LED bulb control. The hardware is extremely affordable with outlets starting at $16.99 MSRP, bulbs at $19.99 MSRP, light switches at $39.99 MSRP and power strips at $79.99 MSRP. It definately adds value to any Control4 installation.

There are two versions of this driver available. Control4 OS 3.3 users (or newer) can benefit by using Chowmain's new TPLink V2 drivers for easier installation, colorwheel support and modern features. Systems running earlier OS versions are required to use the legacy V1 package.

Smart Plugs & Power Strips

Control4 supplies the wireless outlet switch that makes any household plug-in device, like lamps, appliances and electronics part of the Control4 system by turning a standard outlet into a smart outlet.

Unfortunately this device is not available to the majority of the world as it only supports 120VAC voltage for US plug type devices.

Introducing the tp-link HSXXX series of Wi-Fi smart plugs and power strips. It has plug types and regulatory compliance for the majority of the world and is extremely affordable. This WiFi based power outlet supports up to 10amps and can be easily integrated into the Control4 home automation system using the Chowmain TP-Link HSXXX driver. Certain models even come with mulitple sockets (HS107, KP303 and HS300).

The HS110 & HS300 versions can be utilised for energy monitoring and management using our driver and Control4. It can also be useful for device health monitoring and also for automatic selection of manually controlled AV devices like Playstation 4’s, Xbox One’s and the Nintendo Switch.

LED Bulbs & LED Strips

Control4 have provided a variety of lighting solutions for circuit level control. They have yet to offer an easy to install solution for lamps or individual lights. The TP-Link solves this problem with their affordable range of Wifi LED bulbs and LED strips. These wifi bulbs / strips can be dimmed, the color temperature can be changed to suit the customer's lifestyle (eg warmer white vs cooler white) and the hue color can be used for various functionality including notifications via colors (eg flash red and blue to alert the customer). Color temp bulbs can also be put into 'circadian rhythm' mode which automatically adjusts the color temp and brightness throughout the day to promote biophillia (TP-Link call this Auto-White)

In-Wall Solutions

TP-Link’s range of in-wall solutions off elegant and affordable circuit level control over almost every connected device including dimmable lighting circuits, non dimmable lighting circuits and power outlet / GPO.

  • Automatic Discovery

  • Self Healing on IP Address change

  • Dimming control over light dimmers

  • On/Off control over light switches

  • On/Off control over individual outlets

  • Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming

  • Preset Level and Click Ramp Rate Support

TPLink Agent - Driver Management (V2 Driver Only)

  • One click Auto-Setup and provisioning of all detected TP-Link Kasa devices

  • TPLink Agent is only available for TP-Link V2 drivers and requires OS 3.3 or later for correct operation


What are the minimum requirements to operate this driver?

Our TP-Link KASA V2 Lighting drivers require OS 3.3 or later to operate correctly. If support for earlier Control4 versions is required, please use our legacy drivers.

What is the difference between the Legacy Kasa Drivers and the new V2 Drivers?

A short (but incomplete) list of some of the new V2 benefits are:

  • New OS 3.3 compatible ColorWheel driver which supports temperature and colors

  • New OS 3.3 compatible Color Scenes Integration

  • Improved Device discovery

  • Only 3 drivers required for all devices (with better support for untested devices), instead of 11.

  • New integration of Light effects via OS 3.3 Extras. Users have easier access to available effects

  • Support for Load Groups. Lights can now be used in combination with Control4's Dimmer Load Group Driver for control of multiple lights with a single driver. Please note, this does not support CCT/RGB lights at this time (Light V2)

  • Improved Light Button Links, with new capabilities

  • Auto Setup for all devices. Simply add the drivers to Control4, click auto-setup in Kasa Agent and all devices will be automatically added

  • Improved Troubleshooting. Ability to Self-diagnose common issues using the "Display Diagnostics" Action. For support, common diagnostics can be submitted to the Chowmain team with 1 click for faster troubleshooting

  • Improved Compatibility


The following TP-Link Devices are supported.  Other models may work but are untested.

Smart Plugs / Power Strips

  • EP10

  • EP40

  • HS100 (non UK variants)

  • HS103

  • HS105

  • HS107

  • HS110 (non UK variants)

  • HS300

  • KP105

  • KP115

  • KP303

  • KP400

  • KP401

  • KP405

In-wall Solutions

  • HS200 (on/off switch)

  • HS220 (dimmer)

  • KP200 (power outlet)

Bulbs / LED Strips

  • LB100

  • LB110

  • LB120

  • LB130

  • LB200

  • LB230

  • KL50

  • KL60

  • KL110

  • KL120

  • KL130

  • KL400

  • KL430

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Installation Guide (CONTROL4-TPLINK-20220620.pdf, 435 Kb) [Download]

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