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Here at Automated Now, we believe in pushing the limits of home automation systems and environments to deliver the best experience.  That's why when building our driver marketplace we chose to represent only the best quality third party drivers for your Control4 system.  Third party drivers often enhance the ability to control a particular piece of hardware or enhance core functionality of the base Control4 system.  

Our Plex driver, for example takes the core functionality of the media player and deeply integrates it into your Control4 system.  When you press play on a movie, there is a webhook command that will automatically lower your lights if it is night time.  Pause the movie or sbow and it will automatically bring the lights up, leading a kitchen pathway for you to grab a snack!  Want a button to play your favorite movie instantly without having to page thru menus? no problem!

Our Kaleidescape driver is a premium product and deserves an excellent interface to match as such the Chowmain Kaleidescape driver for Control4 offers full movie and music library access on all Control4 user interfaces for any IP controlled Kaleidescape system along with an extensive list of automation features that make the integrated experience more rewarding.

These are just some of the enahncements available to you when installing third party custom drivers for your Control4 system.  

Browse our selection and let us know what you think, when purchasing, you have the option to just purchase the driver or with installation, which enables one of our certified programmers to apply the driver and integrate it into your current Control4 project.  Check back often as we will be updating our selection frequently.

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$90.00   + Programming
DeveloperChowmain LTD Color Wheel SupportYes Version#20230404 Revision Date04/04/2023
$90.00   + Programming
DeveloperChowmain LTD Version#20221213 Revision Date12/13/2022
$300.00   + Programming
DeveloperChowmain LTD Version#20220907 Revision Date09/07/2022
$100.00   + Programming
DeveloperChowmain LTD Color Wheel SupportYes Version#20230322 Revision Date03/22/2023